7 Perks of Renting a Vacation Home on Hilton Head Island

White vacation home with a pool and three blue chairs on the front yard.

Trying to decide whether you should rent a vacation home on Hilton Head Island? Here are seven reasons why finding a vacation home, villa, or condo is the best way to stay on our island.

Home Away From Home

A hotel room is always a reminder that you’re not at home, and many people can’t quite relax while staying in one. When you rent a vacation home, you’ll feel relaxed right away because you truly are at home. There’s nothing better than coming back to relax on the comfy couch in the living room of your vacation rental after a day of swimming at the beach, golfing on award-wining courses, or exploring the natural beauty of Hilton Head, feeling completely at ease. With all the amenities and comforts at home, you can live like a local while staying on the island.

Feel a Greater Sense of Space

In one of our Island Getaway rental homes you have separate, defined living quarters including a kitchen, living room, bedrooms and most importantly, multiple bathrooms. It’s perfect if you have multiple families that want to live, work, and play together but still have their own space.

When traveling with friends or family, it can be nice to carve out a little alone time to recharge and re-energize, and a home provides lots of rooms and nooks and crannies to relax in.

Work and Play Together

Sometimes a change of scenery is refreshing when it comes to the normal work week grind. With Hilton Head Island vacation rentals, you can bring together work and play at your rental home stay. With multiple rooms, it’s easy to find a space to be productive and work remotely.

At the end of the day after you close your laptop, you can switch back to vacation mode and enjoy the white sands of the beaches, take a dip in the warm ocean, play a round of golf on championship-calibre courses, and explore the wide-open outdoor spaces at your doorstep. A Hilton Head Island vacation rental is a great way to stay on top of work but carve out a relaxing lifestyle for short or long-term stays.

Save Money

When looking at prices of vacation rental homes, they might seem a little expensive at first. That’s because most are priced per week, so when you compare the per-night cost to that of a hotel, the rates are often comparable. Most of our homes have multiple bedrooms, perfect for larger families or groups and are often less expensive than renting out a block of hotel rooms.

All of our homes come with kitchens, so you can save a lot of money by self-catering some or most of your meals. We definitely recommend you check out the many exciting restaurants across Hilton Head, but eating out all the time can eat up your budget quickly. The island also has lots of farmer markets with local produce and seafood shops with freshly-caught shrimp and fish, giving you options for fresh, local ingredients. With the convenience of your own kitchen and grill, it’s easy to bring the tastes of the Lowcountry to your rental while saving money.

Island Vacation Rentals always has offers and special promotions, meaning you can save even more on your HIlton Head Island vacation.

More Privacy Than a Hotel

With rental homes, you won’t have to worry about putting out ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs if you are a late sleeper. At Island Getaway, we have homes with up to 10 bedrooms, so everyone can have their own room. Home renters also love the luxury of multiple bathrooms. At a hotel you’re sharing facilities with other guests. At a rental home, you’re in control of who you see and can feel safe in your own space.

Many of our rental homes come with private pools and outdoor grills meaning you can swim whenever you want and fire up the BBQ whenever your group is ready to eat. These outdoor spaces are perfect for a private pool party or gatherings with your closest friends and family.

A Perfect Home Base for an Extended Getaway

Rental homes are ideal for snowbirds or anyone looking to take an extended vacation. Most homes can be rented by the week for multiple weeks. In the winter, we have homes that can be rented by the month. When you vacation on Hilton Head for an extended period you’ll really get a feeling for the island culture, and you’ll start to have your favorite spots and have time to explore all Hilton Head Island has to offer.

Bring Your Pets

We all know that pets are an important part of the family. Another perk of booking with Island Getaways is we have many pet-friendly vacation rentals. That means the entire family can enjoy exploring Hilton Head Island, yes that includes the furry members of the family. Many of our properties feature outdoor spaces, something you won’t find at hotels. There’s room for everyone to play on our island!