The Original Hilton Head Locals - The Alligator

Head and back of a dark green alligator poking out of the water surrounded by lily pads.

The alligator: Hilton Head Island’s original local inhabitant. You’ll see them sunning on the banks of the lagoons or leisurely swimming around in search of their next snack or place to lounge.

We get a lot of questions about alligators and if visitors should be concerned. I was born and raised on this island and can safely say that no, the alligator is not something you should worry about, especially if you are being smart and respecting the fact that this is their home. If you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you!

If you want to learn more about our local reptile residents, you can find more information on the Town of Hilton Head website. We thought you may like to read more on the American alligator since they’re so interesting and a vital part of our ecosystem here on Hilton Head Island. There’s lots of cool information and tips including the biggest rule to remember: never, ever feed an alligator!

Take your pictures from afar — like this one we took of four alligators hanging out at Sea Pines in February 2020 — enjoy the beauty, and above all, respect them! At Island Getaway we love the alligator and we hope you do too.

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